Technological transformations


Every now and again a technology emerges that is transformative. There was the Internet of course, the iPhone, and my Mac book air. Each of these have transformed the way I do things. The latest for me is the iPad mini. I have had an iPad since September but somehow never really got into it, partly because it is quite heavy. I won an iPad mini at the ASCILITE conference at the end of November and I am ashamed to say it just sat there. On my recent trip to Saudi Arabia I decided to make a concerted effort of using it. My first use was to read books either in iBooks or the Kindle App. I found it surprisingly easy to use. And that was it I was hooked. Since then I have downloaded loads of Apps, there is an amazing variety, it seems there is an App for almost everything! I have fb, twitter etc of course, my Collins Spanish dictionary, productivity Apps like Pages and Keynote and even an App for creating shopping lists! It has very quickly become an essential tool and I have to say my mac book air is being sadly neglected as a result. Indeed I am writing this blog post using Pages on it. My latest find is SpringPad a fantastic curation tool for collected resources – love it! Yet again I am struck by how technologies can transform practice, but also that it sometimes takes time to get that “aha moment”.