Seminar in the castle!


As part of the DiTE (Diversity in Teacher Education) project we are running a series of seminars. Todays was given by Kate Reynolds (dean of education) and Pat Black. The focus of the seminar centred around two key questions: What is a qualified teacher and what is PGCE? And what are the associated policy issues? A key question is what is the future of teacher education? What is the impact of the diversity of routes into teacher education now available and what does it mean to be a teacher and what is the role of universities in teacher education?


Pat summarised some of the teacher initiatives of the past few years and associated policy perspectives. She mentioned in particular the November 2010 white paper on the importance of teacher education, highlighting the following recommendations:

  • Teach first to expand
  • Outstanding schools to be given role
  • Bursaries for training
  • More time in the classroom
  • National framework for training
  • State funded schools


She also referred to the 2011 report on training next generation of outstanding teachersOf particular note of course is the Carter review, which looked at teacher education. Carter undertook a review of initial teacher training (ITT). The core aim was to identify which core elements of high quality ITT across phases and subject disciplines are key to equipping trainees with the required skills and knowledge to become outstanding teachers. In addition, he looked at how to improve the transparency of training offers and access to course


Pat also referenced the report on the establishment of a new college of teaching referenced in the a world class teaching profession report, which I blogged about recently. She also mentioned the A manifesto for teacher education report, which states that:

Our schools and colleges need to be able to recruit qualified teachers who are experts in teaching and learning as well as subject specialisms.