Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age


I was delighted to receive a copy of the 2nd Edition of ‘Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age by Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe (Beetham and Sharpe 2013). 

The second edition has been substantially revised and has a lot of new content, not surprising given the fast moving pace of Learning Design as a research field. In this addition, I contributed a chapter on Learning Design tools. I provided an overview of some of the key tools, including: LAMS, WebCollage, CompendiumLD, CADMOS, and the Learning Designer. I am currently involved in an EU-funded project on Learning Design, called METIS, which is combining a number of these tools to create an online Integrative Learning Design Environment (ILDE), which will be trailed in the Autumn through a series of workshops with teachers in the UK, Spain and Greece.

A particularly interesting aspect of producing the book, was the way in which the final conclusion chapter was done. A version of the chapter was made available on Google Drive and researchers were invited to contribute around a series of questions on the future of Learning Design as a research field. A small group of us met face-to-face and brainstormed what we thought were the key issues and characteristics of Learning Design and their implication for education. We then worked in pairs on the themes. I worked with Chris Pegler from the OU UK on the theme of ‘openness’, we frantically wrote for 40 minutes and then came back together as a group to discuss. It was a very creative and productive way of working and at the end of the meeting we had over 8, 000 words produced! Helen then combined these with the feedback from the public version of the chapter to produce the final version. I think this is a great way of combining social media with face-to-face collaboration. I found it both productive and creative. I can thoroughly recommend the book to anyone interested is finding the latest research on Learning Design.


Beetham.H. and R. Sharpe (2013). Rethinking pedagogy for a digtal age, 2nd Edition. London, Routledge.