Pedagogy framework

I have been rethinking the framework we developed back in 2004 (Conole, Dyke et al. 2004).The framework maps three dimensions of learning: formal to informal learning, learning individually to learning in a social context, and learning through information to learning through experience.  In the original paper we considered non-reflective to reflective learning instead of learning informally or in a formal context. The framework can be used to map the realization of different pedagogical approaches through technologies in a particular context. So inquiry-based learning can be realised through use of Google by an individual or in a social context through use of Twitter.  I think it provides a useful conceptual tool to clarify how different pedagogies map to different facets of learning and helps consider which technologies are most appropriate in different contexts. The following presentation visualises the framework and gives examples of how it can be used. Thoughts welcome on this!

Pedagogies map

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Conole, G., M. Dyke, et al. (2004). “Mapping pedagogy and tools for effective learning design.” Computers and Education 43(1-2): 17-33.