NMC Horizon 2015 for HE


The New MediaConsortium Horizon report for HE 2015 is now out. As always it makes interesting reading. This post summarises the key issues that are likely to have an impact on Education in one, three and five years. In terms of trends in the short term, the focus is on increased use of blended learning and redesigning learning spaces. The latter reminds me of the SKG project, which lists seven ways to technology-enhance learning spaces. In the medium term it is about focusing on measurable learning, I think learning analytics might have an important role to play in this respect. And also the proliferation of Open Educational Resources (OER) and I would add Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and in particular the implications for formal educational offerings. Advanced cultures of change and innovation as cited as important in the longer term, along with increased cross-institutional collaboration. Bring your own devices and the flipped classroom are cited as important within one year, makerspaces and wearable technologies in three years, and adaptive learning technologies and the Internet of things in five years. A number of challenges are listed: blending formal and informal learning, improving digital literacy skills, personalised learning, teaching complex thinking, competing models of education, and rewards for teaching.