National Teaching Fellowship


So I am currently writing an application for the HE Academy National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme. You need to write 5000 words against three criteria: i) Individual excellence: enhancing and transforming the student experience, ii)  raising the profile of excellence and iii) developing excellence. The first is all about how you have enhanced you students’ learning experience, the second about how you have enabled and supported others and the third about your own personal reflection and development. It’s been a really hard thing to write, but on reflection it has been useful. It is good sometimes to take stock of where you are and what you believe in. For me I think my main motivation is a desire to help others improve their teaching practice and enable them to create engaging learning experiences for their students. This is very much at the heart of the learning design research I have been doing. I find it very motivating when workshops go well and people say that they find the resources and activities that I have developed useful.

My first draft read very much like a CV – I worked here, I did this. But my mentor at the University gave me really useful feedback. In particular she said stop writing as you and write as if you are your mother lol! I completely restructured the application as a result and in particular focussed around four key phases of technology development: multimedia, the emergence of the internet, new approaches to promoting the use of technologies, and OER and social and participatory media. It has been interesting to look back and to reflect on the work I have done in each of these areas and to see how my ideas have developed over time. I don’t know if I will be successful, but its been a useful exercise nonetheless.