Leicester on iTunes U

Sharing out to the world with iTunes U from tbirdcymru

The University of Leicester launched on iTunes U on 16th March 2013. Yesterday Terese Bird ran a workshop describing the history of iTunes and the pros and cons in relation to other media channels such as YouTube and also the process Leicester went through in terms of choosing content. We had a team of subject specialists, elearning people and members of marketing. Content was vetted in terms of quality (both technical and pedagogical) and needed to have the appropriate Leicester brand. Criteria included checking that the sound quality was good, that the resource worked as a stand along item, and ensuring that if video was used it added some value over simple audio. The timing of the launch was good given all the publicity around the discovery of Richard III and not surprisingly the resources on this topic are one of the most popular. Click on the below for an image of Terese in action!