Learning design the Cypriot way


cyprus 1
At the beginning of April I ran a workshop at the University of Cyprus. It was a great opportunity to test out some of our recent Learning Design work on an external audience. The one and half day workshop was organised around 10 activities: 
  1. Changes in technology use in the last fifteen years, ways in which students are using technologies now.
  2. Current strategies for design
  3. Different forms of representations of designs
  4. Visualising design – hands on session using CompendiumLD
  5. Strategies for finding and using resources
  6. Other tools for design – hands on session using Phoebe and the London Pedagogical Planner
  7. Different ways of thinking about design: mapping tools in use 
  8. Different ways of thinking about design: identifying the affordances of tools in use
  9. Different ways of thinking about design: Using the 8LEM flashcards
  10. Sharing designs: exploration of the CLouDworks website


cyprus 6
The detailed presentation is on slideshare. We had some great discussions over the two days, the participants were from very different disciplines across the university. Feedback on CompendiumLD was positive overall, they found it easy to use and a number of people said they would like to explore using it more. It was also interesting to get their views of other tools that are around at the moment. Details of the programme and some more photos can be found here.