Laurrilard’s Conversational Framework

John Mac reminded me of Laurillard’s conversational framework (Laurillard 2002). There is a nice interactive map of it available here. There is also a nice video describing the framework and how it works in practice. The framework essentially articulates the dialogic exchange between a teacher and a learner and how each one internalized the conversation before acting on it in the context of their role in the learning process; i.e. the learner in terms of their learning and the teacher in terms of understanding what the learner is doing.  It focuses on Laurillard’s five media types:

  • Narrative – print, web resources, TV, video, etc.
  • Interactive – hypermedia and web resources
  • Communicative – audio and video conferencing, student collaboration, etc.
  • Adaptive – simulations and interactive tutorials
  • Productive – microworlds, etc.


Laurillard, D. (2002). Rethinking university teaching, London: Routledge