Follow the sun conference 2012


So our Follow the Sun conference has now finished; 48 hours over three continents! We had an amazing set of keynote speakers, great discussions and participation in the chat room. Thanks to everyone for the contributions and hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did. It was interesting participating via BDRA head quarters with others in the room, although a little disconcerting hearing people speak live and then slightly delayed online. BB collaborate worked really well and a special huge thanks to Simon Kear for providing excellent technical support and ensuring everything worked smoothly. Thanks also to all those in BDRA who helped with moderating etc (Ale, Pal, Jai, Gabi, Ming, Terese, Paul, Brenda). Thanks also to our colleagues in Oz and Canada for their contributions. I think this year’s focus on challenges in different disciplines and a focus on the future of learning was great and worked really well. Recordings of all the sessions are available from the conference website. Soooo ideas for a focus for next year’s conference?