EPIGEUM Blended Learning Meeting


I gave a talk at an EPIGEUM Blended Learning meeting today in London. After an introduction by the CE Terry Sweeney, David Lefevre (co-founder and chairman) gave an overview of EPIGEUM, it’s origins and focus of activities. This is an interesting business model for course production and delivery. Courses are designed by a team of experts and take up to a year to develop. Institutions pay a licence fee, which goes towards keeping the courses up to date. Course teams consist of authors, reviews, editors, technical support, etc. A list of current course offerings and people involved can be found here.  

Courses consist of a mixture of text, video and interactive material. They can be completed individually or it is possible to include peer to peer activities, tutor-led activities or face-to-face activities.

Building a course consists of four stages

  • An initial meeting about the curriculum plus comments and feedback to the authors
  • A one-day workshop with authors, reviews, editors and the technical team to scope out and work up
  • The teams then begin the process of writing up a paper-based version of the course, which is then reviewed.
  • Finally the interactive version is created and reviewed, followed by an implementation workshop.

The pedagogical approach is described as ‘rich, engaging and born digital’. The claim is that the courses are built around a proven pedagogically sound structure to form rich coherent learning experiences, interactivity is used as a tool for learning and the materials consist of rich multimedia content.

A new suite of seven blended learning courses is about to be developed. I will be working with Mark Brown and Norm Vaughan to oversee the development. Each course will consist of: 

  • 7 hours of interactive online material
  • 30 hours of independent research and reflective activities
  • 15 hours of peer-to-peer activities

A useful presentation providing an overview of the EPIGUEM approach is available on Slideshare.