Educational Media International


I’ve just got the latest issue of Educational Media International, which has six papers focusing on Learning Design research. The first paper by Johannes Cronje is entitled ‘What is this thing called “design” in design research and instructional design’. The paper critiques design research. It describes the design research cycle as consisting of four aspects: Explore, Describe, Develop and Explain. The second paper by Liz Masterman and colleagues is entitled ‘Computational support for teachers’ design thinking: its feasibility and acceptability to practitioners and institutions’. It describes a number of Learning Design tools, including Phoebe, LAMS and the Learning Designer.  The third paper is mine with Sandra Wills, entitled ‘Representing learning designs – making design explicit and sharable’. We describe a number of visual design representations, developed as part of the OU Learning Design Initiative and their use to represent different role-play designs. The fourth paper is by Matt Bower and colleagues and is entitled ‘Supporting pre-service teachers’ technology-enabled learning design thinking through whole of programme transformation,’ reporting on work at Macquarie University. The fifth paper by Hannah Gerber and Debra Price is entitled ‘Fighting baddies and collecting bananas: teachers’ perceptions of games-based literacy learning’.  The final paper is by Eva Dobozy and is entitled ‘Learning design research: advancing pedagogies in the digital age’. The paper reports on a meta-ethnographic review of current learning design research. So a nice collection of papers which I can thoroughly recommend.