EDEN design workshop


Mike Keppell and I have had a workshop accepted for the EDEN conference in Oslo next week. The workshop will combine elements of the 7Cs of Learning Design framework and the principles for designing Technology-Enhanced Learning spaces developed as part of the Spaces for Knowledge Generation project that Mike was involved with. The workshop will give participants the chance to explore the following elements of the 7Cs framework: Course Features, Tools to Capture, Communicate and Collaborate, Course Map, and the Storyboard. In addition, there will be an exercise using the SKG principles of design, which are:   

  • Aesthetics – pleasure (recognition of symmetry, harmony, simplicity and fitness for purpose)
  • Affordances – the characteristics of the environment
  • Blending – a mix of f-t-f and technologies
  • Comfort – a space that creates a physical and mental sense of ease
  • Equity – considering the needs of cultural and physical differences
  • Flow – the state of mind of the leaner when totally engaged with the learning process
  • Repurposing – the potential for multiple use of the space

Unfortunately Mike isn’t able to make the conference, hope I can do his work justice!