EDEN conference design workshop outline


As I mentioned before, this week I am running a workshop at the EDEN conference in Olso on Learning Design and Designing TEL spaces. Below is an outline of the session, with links to all the resources. The resources are based on the 7Cs of Learning Design framework  and on iTunes U here, as well as the resources from the SKG project. The aim is to combine these resources to enable participants to design learning interventions that make effective use of both physical learning spaces and resources. One of the things I like about the SKG project is that it involved students; to elicit their views and what they needed to support their learning. There is a nice video on the site of a student John and his typical day, which is well worth a look at. By the end of the seminar, participants will have:

  • Gained awareness and application of the range of resources, tools and methods which are available to support learning design, including learning design tools/methods and open educational resource repositories
  • Considered a range of pedagogical approaches and the role played by different technologies in supporting these approaches
  • Conceptualised the design process from different perspectives
  • Developed an innovative storyboard to share with colleagues back in the office, to spark discussion around livening up a dry course

Participants should have a specific course in mind that they want to design, redesign or review in terms of the effective use of technologies for learner interaction and engagement. Bring materials to session. The activities and resources are:

  1. Consider your course features (http://goo.gl/CRpc5)
  2. Apply the SKG 7 principles of design to create a Technology-Enhanced Learning space (http://tinyurl.com/jw9alcp)
  3. Consider your course map (http://goo.gl/Z5eu7
  4. Tools to capture, communicate & collaborate
  5. Do a resource audit (http://goo.gl/C31yv)
  6. Develop your storyboard (http://goo.gl/z1VON)
  7. Analyse your activity profile (http://goo.gl/WMIzu)

A more detailed outline of the workshop is on Google Drive.