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I gave a talk at the e-learning summit in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. It is somewhat of a commercial conference, so quite different from the usual ones I talk at, but it was good to meet up with a number of friends and catch up.  Mark Brown from Massey University gave a nice talk about how to choose a Learning Management System (LMS). He gave some good tips and described the process they went through at Massey. Despite many thinking that the LMS is dead, I don’t think it is, I think institutions will continue to support LMS certainly in the short to medium term. It is interesting to see how they have moved from being a peripheral innovation to core systems and I think students now expect and have a right to have their course materials available online. However, as our own survey of the use of Blackboard showed recently, most use of the LMS is still basically using it as a content repository, There is  little evidence of use to support more innovative pedagogies and in particular communication and collaboration. At Leicester we are currently developing design templates to enable teachers to think more creatively about how to use the LMS.