Day to day


Every now and then I think it is useful to reflect on the range of activities I do as part of my day job. Over the last couple of days I have been working on a number of things.  

  • A chapter on the 7Cs of Learning Design, a draft of which I circulated via social media. I have already received a number of useful comments.
  • Reading a thesis that I am examining next week.
  • Reading a PhD upgrade report and writing the pre-via examiner’s report.
  • A meeting with the medical school about their use of iPads.
  • Evaluation of the MOOCs we ran as part of FutureLearn.
  • An online meeting about a review we are doing of open accreditation process for non-formal and informal learning.
  • A presentation to the VC on our research and teaching activities.
  • An online meeting to discuss the EDEN research workshop and associated programme.
  • Participating in social media.
  • A blog post on an evaluation checklist for courses.

So lots of writing and communicating; a mix of research-focused and teaching-related activities. It’s interesting also to reflect on one’s approaches to working on something. So I was dreading writing the 7Cs chapter and kept putting it off, but finally got my teeth into it and it was very satisfying to print out a copy this morning.