Briefing papers on learning design

There is a lot of activity currently in our learning design project and there seems to be real synergies emerging between the three aspects of the project:

  • Understanding design – gathering empiral evidence
  • Visualising design – CompendiumLD
  • Sharing design – CLouDworks

We ran a half-day workshop at the OU yesterday giving updates on all three areas of work. Here’s my overview. 

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We have a set of draft briefing papers on the different areas of work covering the following topics:

·    The vision behind the OU Learning Design project

·    Tools, case studies, resources and methods for learning design

·    Towards a learning design methodology

·    Different forms of representation for design

·    An introduction to CompendiumLD

·    Cloudworks – a social networking site for finding and sharing designs

Drafts of these are available under the Download section.  Any comments on these would be welcome, they are intended to provide simple (and hopefully easy to understand!) introductions to the different facets of learning design.