An evaluation checklist for course design


I am currently working on a chapter on the 7Cs of Learning Design, for a book that James Dalziel is editing. Today I have been working on the Consolidate C and in particular I have been writing about rubrics and checklists to evaluate the effectiveness of a design. Below is one example, comments welcome

  • Are learning outcomes indicated?
  • Do the learning outcomes use active verbs?
  • Are there clear signposts for navigation and labelling (i.e. are there clear headings and is it easy for the participants to navigate around?
  • Is the learning time associated with resources and activities indicated?
  • Is the material logically structured and coherent (are terms explained, do sections follow each other??
  • Is there an appropriate mix of multimedia?
  • Are videos kept to below 10 minutes?
  • Is there a clear and logical learning pathway
  • Is the way in which technologies are to be used made clear to the learners?
  • Is the content coherent and logically structured?
  • Are the pedagogical approaches explicit
  • In what ways are communication and collaboration encouraged?
  • Are all the materials accessible (variable fonts, suitable colours)?
  • Do all the links work
  • Are the activities consistent with the platform’s functionality (i.e. discussion forum, feedback mechanism)?
  • Are the materials open (are there any technological access issues)?
  • What pedagogical approaches are used?
  • Are sections given clear timeframes
  • How are activities monitored?
  • Is there is clear minimum to complete and is there a clear learning timescale?
  • What assessment elements are there?