Characteristics of digital technologies
Image source:    I am doing a talk here at Bath Spa University to the librarians tomorrow morning and have been working on my slides. I plan to give an overview of digital technologies before describing my research around three phases of the evolution of technologies over the last thirty years or so: multimedia […]
The OER15 conference
Chilling with Catherine Cronin, David Kernohan and Laura Ritchie  This week I attended the OER15 conference in Cardiff. It was held in the Welsh College of Music and Drama a fabulous venue. The conference was excellent, lots of things to take away. As you might expect the online presence was really good, an excellent website, including an […]
Reflecting on today’s mobile learning
  Image from   I recently got an iPad Air, which I absolutely love! It’s great for surfing the net, posting on social media and answering emails. First thing in the morning will find me snuggled on my sofa with a cup of tea, iPad Air in hand. Tables and smart phones mean that […]
The affordances of digital technologies and user behaviour
    So as part of my new job at Bath Spa University I got a Mac Book Pro and an iPad Air. I leave the former in the office (after a disaster two weeks into the job when I spilt liquid on the first Mac Book Pro). The latter I take everywhere with me. […]