Learner generated content
I am currently working on the Create C Chapter of my new book – Learning Design: a practical approach. One section describes ways in which learners can generate content. The table below lists the different approaches that can be adopted. Am I missing anything? Technique Description Annotation The learners annotate a resource and then summarise […]
NMC Horizon 2015 for HE
The New MediaConsortium Horizon report for HE 2015 is now out. As always it makes interesting reading. This post summarises the key issues that are likely to have an impact on Education in one, three and five years. In terms of trends in the short term, the focus is on increased use of blended learning and redesigning […]
A new beginning…
So I am half way through my first week at Bath Spa University. They have put together an excellent induction programme and I am in the process of meeting various people and finding more out about the University and various initiatives/projects. I can’t believe how stunning the campus is, it has to be one of […]