The Consider C chapter
So I am making progress on my new Learning Design book, albeit slow… I have been working on the Consider C chapter, i.e. looking at the reflective and assessment aspects of learning. A central tenet of importance is Bigg’s concept of constructive alignment, i.e. ensuring that the assessment elements cover all of the intended learning outcomes. […]
Guidelines for completing the VMPass learning passport
Image source As part of the VMPass project we are writing a set of guidelines for completing the VMPass learning passport. A draft of these is described here, along with an example of a completed learning passport. Comments welcome! VMPass Learning Passport Guidelines  The VMPass project is developing an accreditation framework for informal and non-formal […]
Running a 7Cs of Learning Design workshop
Someone asked me today about how to run a 7Cs Learning Design workshop. Here are my suggestions. An ideal number for the workshop is 25 – 30, with participants working in teams of five. At the beginning of the workshop, they need to agree a course or module to work on. Give each participant a handout with […]
Validating the VMPass Learning Passport
The VMPass project is developing a framework for the accreditation of informal and non-formal learning, a topical issue, which is generating a lot of interest at the moment, particularly because of the implications of learning through free resources and course, such as OER and MOOCs. A related project, OpenCred, has carried out a detailed review of accreditation of informal […]
Blended learning – putting policy and principles into practice
Picture via @epipeum on Twitter As part of today’s EPIGUEM Blended Learning Meeting, Mark Brown (from Dublin City University) gave a talk on blended learning. Mark will make his slides available on slideshare in due course. The focus was around three questions: What do we mean by blended learning? How do we translate the principles of blended learning […]
EPIGEUM Blended Learning Meeting
I gave a talk at an EPIGEUM Blended Learning meeting today in London. After an introduction by the CE Terry Sweeney, David Lefevre (co-founder and chairman) gave an overview of EPIGEUM, it’s origins and focus of activities. This is an interesting business model for course production and delivery. Courses are designed by a team of experts and […]
A chapter on policy uptake for OER and MOOCs
I am currently writing a chapter on policy uptake for OER and MOOCs, drawing in particular on research from the OPAL and POERUP projects. The current version of the chapter has the following conclusion: As stated at the start of this chapter, OER and MOOCs are challenging traditional educational institutions and their associated business models. OER and MOOCs are […]
The worlds largest flipped classroom
This is a special guest post by associate professor Carl Reidsema from the University of Queensland. Nice work Carl! The Day the US President Dropped in on the World’s Largest Flipped Classroom at the University of Queensland for the G20  There’s certainly a lot of hype and interest in what the world’s most powerful man, […]