The dreaded ref….
So it’s REF (Research Excellence Framework) time again and the game of which publications to submit, and I have to say I am not having a good time. Publications are rated on a scale of 1 – 4, which 4 being internationally excellent. My book ‘Designing for learning in an open world’ was reviewed as ‘a major […]
Educational Media International
  I’ve just got the latest issue of Educational Media International, which has six papers focusing on Learning Design research. The first paper by Johannes Cronje is entitled ‘What is this thing called “design” in design research and instructional design’. The paper critiques design research. It describes the design research cycle as consisting of four […]
The JISC PLACES project
  We have just completed our JISC-funded PLACES project, which focused on evaluating the use of iPads in a Masters course offered by Criminology.  Ming Nie and Terese Bird worked on this, along with Nichola Hayes from our Academic Practice team and Adrian Beck, head of Criminology. They have produced a detailed case study and a video. […]
Leicester on iTunes U
Sharing out to the world with iTunes U from tbirdcymru The University of Leicester launched on iTunes U on 16th March 2013. Yesterday Terese Bird ran a workshop describing the history of iTunes and the pros and cons in relation to other media channels such as YouTube and also the process Leicester went through in […]
Negotiating disruptions in learning space and time
I am delighted that Gregor Kennedy from the University of Melbourne is coming to give us a talk at Leicester on Friday. I have known Gregor for many years, through the ASCILITE community and he and his team do great research, of particular note is his research on learner experiences of using technologies. So if […]
EDEN fellow award
  I was absolutely delighted to be awarded an EDEN fellowship at the annual conference in Oslo last week. It was a tad embarrassing though as I had left the conference to go back to my hotel after a long day of meetings, and so missed being given the award, but luckily caught up with […]
POERUP OER classification
I have been recently thinking about adapting my classification for MOOCs to describe OER communities/initiatives thoughts welcome. Each dimension can be considered in terms of whether it is evident low, medium or high. Will discuss this tomorrow in our POERUP meeting.  Some initial thoughts…
Collaborative writing
Nice blog post by Helen Beetham on the ‘live writing’ approach we adopted for the conclusion chapter to the second edition of ‘Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age’. Helen states that she was slightly nervous about this. I think what made it work was that we all knew each other well and have collaborated extensively over the […]
OU China Delegation
Last week we hosted 28 delegates from OU China. Pal Edirisingha put together a great programme for them; covering aspects of our research in ILI, as well as presentations from people across the university. This included Adrian Beck talking about the use of iPads in Criminology, Phil Wood talking about creating ebooks with iBooks Author, […]
ILI Research Workshop
  Twice a year we run a two-day research workshop for our PhD students. Pal Edirisingha always puts together a rich programme for these events and they are always enjoyable and productive. One of the themes for the forthcoming workshop will be a session to help with research writing and getting published. Writing is always […]
Young scholars’ plenary session at EDEN
At this week’s EDEN conference one of the sessions I am involved with is a plenary for young scholars. To kick-start the discussion Eva Suba has set up a page with a number of hot topics for discussion: Using technologies effectively to meet the needs of a diverse student population How to acquire sufficient theoretical grounding in […]
EDEN conference design workshop outline
As I mentioned before, this week I am running a workshop at the EDEN conference in Olso on Learning Design and Designing TEL spaces. Below is an outline of the session, with links to all the resources. The resources are based on the 7Cs of Learning Design framework  and on iTunes U here, as well as the […]
INNOQUAL journal – first issue!
I have been involved with the EFQUEL community for a number of years now. It’s a great group and the annual conference in September is always good. Recently in addition to this we have established a new journal INNOQUAL, which will focus on quality issues in the use of technologies in education. This is an under-researched area I think […]
Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age
I was delighted to receive a copy of the 2nd Edition of ‘Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age by Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe (Beetham and Sharpe 2013).  The second edition has been substantially revised and has a lot of new content, not surprising given the fast moving pace of Learning Design as a research […]
MSc in Learning Innovation structure
As part of the programme for the delegation from the Open University in China this week, Palitha Edirisingha gave an overview of our new part-time online MSc in Learning Innovation, which starts in October 2013. Figure 1 shows the full-time on campus version, alongside the online one. Figure 2 shows the modules and when they […]
What is Learning Design?
One of the modules in our new MSc in Learning Innovation is entitled: Learning Design for the 21st Century. Talking to my colleague Paul Rudman the other day, he wondered whether people would understand the term Learning Design. So I thought in this blog post I would unpack it a bit. Essentially it is about […]
EFQUEL are running an interesting project at the moment, namely 12 weeks of blog posts looking at MOOCs and quality. There have already been some great inputs, particularly from MOOC pioneers like Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier. This week it is my turn. I focused on describing a new classification scheme for MOOCs. Comments welcome!
EDEN design workshop
Mike Keppell and I have had a workshop accepted for the EDEN conference in Oslo next week. The workshop will combine elements of the 7Cs of Learning Design framework and the principles for designing Technology-Enhanced Learning spaces developed as part of the Spaces for Knowledge Generation project that Mike was involved with. The workshop will give participants the chance […]
Update on the storyboard
This week we have a large delegation with us from OU China. Palitha Edirisingha has put together a fantastic programme, Terese Bird is doing a great job behind the scenes on the technical side of things, including recording the sessions and Ming Nie has been translating. Yesterday we ran a 7Cs of Learning Design workshop with […]