Earlier this week I attended an ICEM (International Council for Educational Multimedia) board meeting in Vienna. ICEM has a long history, going back over 60 years, starting with a focus on film, through to today’s rich multimedia offerings. ICEM as an organisation hosts an annual conference, this year it is in Singapore at the beginning of October, […]
The iPad mini a month on….
So I have now been using my iPad mini in earnest for a month. It has already become an essential tool that goes everywhere with me! I use it for most things, browsing the Internet, reading blog posts, and of course answering emails. The SpringPad App is fantastic as a way of curating and organizing […]
Fahrenheit 451
I have just finished reading Fahrenheit 451, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before now! It is put in the same category as books like 1984 and Brave New World. It centres on a future where firemen don’t put out fires, but instead burn books, which are considered dangerous. It is a world dominated by […]
MSc in Learning Innovation
  I’m really excited about running our new Masters in Learning Innovation in October. The course will be available online and can be taken either full-time or part-time. There are four 30 credit modules on: Technology-Enhanced Learning, Learning Design for the 21st Century, Research Methodologies and Case Studies of Innovation, plus a 60 credit dissertation […]
A new classification for MOOCs  EFQUEL are currently running a twelve-week series of blog posts on MOOCs,[1] I am due to write a post in a couple of week’s time, this blog post is a draft, comments welcome! This post argues that the current discourse around the concept of xMOOCs (primarily based around interaction with content and essentially adopting […]
The Trip to Tipp!
I’ve just attended the ICT education conference in Thurles, Ireland, affectionately known by the locals as the ‘Trip to Tipp’. I ran a one-day Learning Design workshop on Friday, with about 16 participants. There was lots of interaction and great discussions. The conference was held on Saturday with teachers from across Ireland attending. There were […]
Technological transformations
  Every now and again a technology emerges that is transformative. There was the Internet of course, the iPhone, and my Mac book air. Each of these have transformed the way I do things. The latest for me is the iPad mini. I have had an iPad since September but somehow never really got into […]
Gráinne of Arabia
I thought I would share my experience of being in Saudi Arabia recently. Some people on Facebook were deriding me for going, saying going was tantamount to supporting the regime and that we, in the West, should be boy cutting such countries. I disagree for two reasons. Firstly, how can you make a judgment on […]
The third international conference on quality assurance in post-secondary education
I gave a keynote in Dammam, Saudi Arabia last week. It was an interesting conference with over 1000 delegates, mainly from across Saudi Arabia. The conference organizers had invited an impressive line up of international speakers. Here are some of the highlights Jim Cibulka started the conference off with a talk on international collaboration. He referenced […]
What do you use your mobile for?
 Arianna Mazzeo from the University of Catalonia  gave an interesting workshop recently for us at Leicester. The focus was on the ways in which people are using mobile phones these days. She had us working in two groups and asked us to draw a timeline to indicate how we used our phones over the course […]