OLDS MOOC – Week 3
So I am getting ready for Week 3 of the OULDS MOOC, which I am leading on. The course has been designed to have a bit more structure than some MOOCS. It is based around the use of Google Apps. The main course has been created in Google Docs. There are discussion threads in Google […]
Current thinking on the 7Cs of Learning Design
7 cs update from Grainne Conole I had a great brainstorming session on Friday with the team. Gabi Witthaus has already blogged about this. In this post I want to describe our current thinking on the 7Cs of Learning Design. We have now regrouped the 7Cs into four categories: Vision Conceptualise (i.e what are you designing and why, […]
A month in the life of…
I thought it would be interesting to think about what kinds of activities I typically do in a month. So here is a list of some of the activities for this month: Keynotes in Athens, Edge Hill and Southampton Attending a kick off meeting for a new EU project METIS Contributing to the LDS MOOC […]
METIS Learning Design project kick off meeting
I am currently at an excellent kick off meeting for our new EU-funded METIS Learning Design project. You know what it’s like with European projects… Sometimes you go to the kick off meeting and you get that feeling of dread… it’s like the tower of Babel, no one knows each other very well, everyone has […]
The photo a day challenge
A New Year so a new challenge! So I have decided to try the photo a day challenge. Rules are you must take one photo a day but you can post them in batches. I have joined a Flickr group set up by Ricardo Torres Kompen and we already have five people signed up. I think this […]