To cloud or not to cloud
A couple of things recently have got me thinking about the pros and cons of moving to the cloud. Firstly, my professional website ( has been hosted on siteground, for which I pay an annual subscription. Trouble is I have lost my password to access it and it is still registered with my old OU email […]
Open access Distance Education
I’m delighted that the special issue of Distance Education I was guest editor for is now out and even more delighted that it is open access! Enjoy! Comments welcome! The focus of the issue was on Open Educational Resources (OER) and social inclusion. There are some great contributions in there well worth a read!
A template for designing Problem-Based Learning
We have recently upgraded to BlackBoard 9.1 and we have taken the opportunity to develop some pedagogical templates to help teachers create courses based around different pedagogical models. We have developed four to date: A calendar-based approach A topic-based approach A project/case study based approach A problem-based learning approach I was tasked with developing a […]
Design thinking, learning design and creativity
I am honoured to have been invited to do a keynote at the ICEM conference in September. Here is the abstract for my talk. Design is arguably the key challenge facing practitioners today. Social and participatory media offer a plethora of ways in which teachers and learners can communicate and collaborate. Smart phones and tablets mean […]
Designing a Learning Design MOOC
Ld mooc workshop from Grainne Conole I am very excited to be part of a team developing a Learning Design Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will be delivered in October 2012. As part of our preparation for this I attended a workshop at the OU last week. This blog post describes the outputs produced in the team […]