National Teaching Fellowship Application
At the heart of my teaching practice is the desire to foster an engaging learning experience through effective and innovative use of pedagogies and technologies. My e-learning research constantly informs my teaching and I am an avid promoter of supporting others in improving their teaching practice. I have developed a suite of resources to help […]
HEA National Teaching Fellowship
I am absolutely thrilled that my HEA National Teaching Fellowship application has been successful; the University of Leicester issued a press release about it yesterday. As I blogged about before it was very hard writing the application, but it was good to sit back and reflect on what I have done and what my core principles and beliefs are. […]
The VLE vs. PLE debate
On Friday I did an unkeynote with Ricardo Torres Kompen at the PLE conference in Aveiro.  I must admit I was a little nervous as I have not done one before. I prepared a presentation but when I met with Ricardo I realised that the format was wrong, it was too much like a traditional one-way talk. […]