The 7Cs of learning design
This is an update of my previous post on our 7Cs of learning design framework. We have now trialled aspects of this with three different groups: teachers in South Africa via a two-week online workshop – through a range of synchronous and asynchronous activities, in a face-to-face workshop with colleagues in Leicester on our new […]
Digital literacies
The blog post is a work up of a talk I gave in the School of Education at Plymouth University on the 18th April 2012.  Conole plymouth View more PowerPoint from Grainne Conole Jenkins (2009) lists eleven digital literacies which he argues are needed to be part of what he terms today’s participatory culture. They […]
Designing for learning
Here is a link to a slidecast of my presentation at the Networked Learning conference this week. Apologies the syncing didn’t work very well for some reason slideshare was playing up and I couldn’t move the bars for each slide, it kepts going back to default! Might try again later. Conole nlc View another webinar […]
ALDinHE conference
I was supposed to be doing a keynote at the ALDinHE conference in Leeds last week, but stupidly managed to double book myself. Luckily they got Helen Beetham as a replacement. By way of apology I have created a slidecast of the talk that I would have given. There is also an article to accompany the talk […]
Crowdsourcing digital literacies
I am doing a seminar at Plymouth University on the 18th April. I thought it might be fun to adopt a crowdsourcing approach to gathering material for the event. I would of course acknowledge all contributions. Don’t know how this will work but thought it might be fun as an experiment. The topic is digital […]
It’s hardly easy to be softly hard – freedom and control in learning spaces
Terry Anderson and Jon Dron gave an excellent and highly entertaining keynote at the Networked Learning conference this week. They focused on their concept of the four generations of Distance Education pedagogies. They describe this work in more detail in a special issue of IRRODL on connectivism. Here are my notes from the session. Agenda The nature […]
Tales from the land of digital natives
Nice presentation at the Networked Learning conference by Riina Vuorikari and Yves Punie and others. Here are my notes from the session. Digital natives is a problematic term. Learning networks for professional development Learning analytics in a teachers’ social network Teacher collaboration in the context of networked learning – current eTwinning perspectives and future perspectives […]
Considering sustainability in networked learning – a dialogue with perspectives of action research and sustainability
Tara Fenwich and Judi Marshall did a nice keynote at the Networked Learning Conference. I must admit the talk was a little out of my comfort zone, but in a good and challenging way. Judi raised some thought provoking issues about sustainability and challenged us in the networked learning community to take more account of […]
Doctoral studies workshop
  Before the beginning of the Networked Learning conference, I attended a Doctoral studies workshop. It consisted of two parts: a series of short presentations by the students on their research interests and where they were with their work, followed by one-to-one mentoring sessions. I really enjoyed the workshop and it was very interesting to […]