It’s good to see JIME has been revitalised. Latest issue focuses on Open Educational Resources (OER) and includes a nice introductory piece on the nature of openness by Martin Weller. However, I think it is a shame that JIME hasn’t gone more ‘open’. When it was originally conceived it adopted a totally open review process. Authors knew […]
Yet another book
OK! OK! I know I am mad…. but I am thinking of doing another edited book. I’d like to adopt a really open approach to this making draft versions of chapters available for others to comment on. Rhona Sharpe and Helen Beetham have adopted this with their second edition of the ‘Rethinking pedagogies’ book and […]
New book chapter!
I have just received in the post a copy of a book that I have a chapter in with Giota and Rebecca on Cloudworks (Alevizou, Galley et al. 2012). It is a work up of a paper we presented at the Networked Learning conference in 2010. Giota gets most of the credit for this, she […]
Follow the sun conference 2012
  So our Follow the Sun conference has now finished; 48 hours over three continents! We had an amazing set of keynote speakers, great discussions and participation in the chat room. Thanks to everyone for the contributions and hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did. It was interesting participating via BDRA head quarters […]
A fundamental characteristic of digital technologies is that they are networked and connected, providing users, tools and resources with a plethora of ways to interact. This connectivity is immense, forming in a sense a global neural network of information, dialogue and exchange, arguably we now have the capacity on a global scale to achieve Salomon’s […]
Designing for connectivity and networked learning
Another blog post about the ‘Rethinking pedagogy’ writing workshop. In this post I consider what the future of learning would look like if the affordances of networked technologies were fully embraced. The post centres on the question: What would a scenario of the future look like where the potential benefits and affordances of connectivity were […]
As part of our collaborative writing day yesterday, Chris Pegler and I worked on the concept of openness and it’s implications for designing for learning. In particular we considered the question: What would be the implications of adopting open practices on all aspects of education? We did our notes as a table and felt that […]
Rethinking pedagogy
Today I attended a writing workshop in Oxford as part of our production of the second edition of ‘Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age’ (Beetham and Sharpe 2007).  Whereas my chapter in the first edition focused on the DialogPlus learning design tool mainly, in the second edition my chapter will be a review of learning […]
Laurrilard’s Conversational Framework
John Mac reminded me of Laurillard’s conversational framework (Laurillard 2002). There is a nice interactive map of it available here. There is also a nice video describing the framework and how it works in practice. The framework essentially articulates the dialogic exchange between a teacher and a learner and how each one internalized the conversation before acting on […]
Follow the sun conference
Next week we are running our annual Follow the Sun conference entitled ‘Futures for Knowledge’. This is a 48-hour online conference starting with a series of presentations in Australia, then moving to the UK and finishing in Canada. We have a really exciting line up of presentations by key international experts. The focus is on the challenges […]
Pedagogy framework
I have been rethinking the framework we developed back in 2004 (Conole, Dyke et al. 2004).The framework maps three dimensions of learning: formal to informal learning, learning individually to learning in a social context, and learning through information to learning through experience.  In the original paper we considered non-reflective to reflective learning instead of learning […]
View more presentations from Grainne Conole. In this post I want to argue that our interaction in digital networked technologies is complex, dynamic and evolving, and that we need new metaphors to be able to explain theses interactions. Metaphors and storytelling have always been important ways in which we communicate with others and share meaning. […]
E-learning summit
Conole elearning summit View more PowerPoint from Grainne Conole I gave a talk at the e-learning summit in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. It is somewhat of a commercial conference, so quite different from the usual ones I talk at, but it was good to meet up with a number of friends and catch up.  Mark […]
National Teaching Fellowship
So I am currently writing an application for the HE Academy National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme. You need to write 5000 words against three criteria: i) Individual excellence: enhancing and transforming the student experience, ii)  raising the profile of excellence and iii) developing excellence. The first is all about how you have enhanced you students’ learning […]
From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg
John Naughton, Professor of Public Understanding at the Open University gave a talk at Leicester University on the 22nd February, summarizing some of his ideas from his new book – What you really need to know about the Internet – From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg. His talk is summarized here. We have seen a shift in […]