Left versus right brain?
I came across this interesting blog post about people being either left or right brained. People who are left brained are more organised and logical, whilst those who are right brained are more creative. I am not sure it is a binary as that. I can see aspects of myself on both sides. I also wonder if […]
Using the VLE as a Trojan horse to transform practice
Image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24263322@N05/2403154755/ I am working with a number of colleagues at Leicester on our upgrade to BlackBoard 9.1 (this includes the project lead – Jon Gunnell, Alex Moseley, Nichola Hayes, Ale Armellini and Denise Sweeney). This blog post gives an overview of an extensive survey being undertaken at the University of Leicester on the […]
To tweet or not to tweet
Picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/woofer_kyyiv/3581392721/ As a result of a workshop facilitated by Etienne Wenger, a co-edited book is being produced by Wenger et al., (Wenger, E; Fenton-O’Creevy, M.; Hutchinson, S. and Kubiak, C. Learning in Landscapes of Practice). Mark Fenton-O’Creevy and I have a section in there on some interesting encounters on the use of web […]
Social media evolution
I came across this nice blog post via @Minervity  on Twitter about how to build real relationships in social media.  The steps are: Make a connection Reciprocation Engagement Have patience Private communication Start communicating like real friends Meed in person This  certainly mirrors my own experience of using social media. It is great when you finally meet […]
User generated content on YouTube
Elaine Tan and Nick Pearce gave a nice presentation yesterday at the Blackboard user conference on the ways in which they have been using YouTube videos in their teaching. Background:   The use of video in the classroom has a long history. They showed Jean Marc Cote 1899 vision of education of the future, i.e. with books […]
Open session – the implications, meanings and risks of openness in the digital academy
Ray began by stating that open can mean anything now and hence there is a danger that the concept will be diluted. He outlined the topics that he wanted to cover in the talk, including: the implications of open practices, the mean of openness and finally the risks and unintended consequences of openness. These themes […]
Beyond good and evil
Catchy title from Nick Pearce from Durham University for his presentation at the BB users conference, Nick critiqued the notion of openness in education and the pros and cons of open vs. closed practices. He began by arguing that education and scholarship have always been about sharing. Nick was involved with Martin Weller at the […]
BB users conference
I really  enjoyed the first day of the Blackboard users conference in Durham. As I wrote in my last blog post, I did the presentation using Sliderocket, which seemed to work well. The presentation had a much richer set of images and video clips than I usually include. There were some good discussions afterwards around […]
Using the VLE as a Trojan horse
I am doing a keynote at the 12th Annual Blackboard conference on Thursday and have been using Sliderocket to create my slides. I like the way Sliderocket integrates Flickr and YouTube and the way you can embed the slides.