Community engagement
I’ve been putting up draft chapters of my book for people to comment on in Cloudworks and on my blog. Today I set up a drop box folder and put up the lasted versions. I invited people to join the space via fb and Twitter and have been amazed by the response so far! I […]
Visualising OLDM
I am trying to come up with a visualisation to describe the key themes of my book on learning design and the relationship between them. The current view I have come up with is this one.    At the centre is the Open Learning Design Methodology (OLDM) that is the main focus of the book. […]
Why am I writing a book on learning design?
  So what on earth promoted me to write a book on learning design? I think the origins to this work stretch back to my initial experience of teaching in the early nineties. I started my career as a lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry. Soon after I took up the post, a number of my colleagues, […]
Book structure
I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough this week with my book on learning design. I wasn’t happy with the structure of it and after some really helpful comments from Martin Weller, I have no radically reorganised it and I think it is much more logical and coherent. Here is an outline of the current […]