The power of social media
I’ve been reflecting a bit about how social media have changed the way I do things, partly in response to this post !  by @pepsmccrea… I have now worked at four institutions. When I first moved from London to Bristol University it was a real wrench… I missed friends and had small kids. But […]
Musing on ‘the book’….
Got some fresh ideas for more chapters/content for my learning design book, perhaps inspired by recent meetings and conferences. I think I need to put more in about the different ways in which people are using social media to support their practice – such as Twitter, facebook, ning, Elgg etc. Was impressed by the presentation […]
Tallin side..
I’ve been at the Estionian E-learning conference in Tartu this week. Thanks to Ene Koitla and colleagues for hosting a very well organised event. The conference included some excellent papers by local researchers as well as a number of international speakers (Terry Anderson and Rory McGreal from Athabasca University, Gerry Ignasi Labastida from Barcelona University, and Gerry […]