A open approach to book writing
As part of a book I am writing I am adopting an open approach, by posting draft chapters online as I go on Cloudworks[1] and then invited the broader research community (via Twitter and facebook) to comment on them. In this postscript, I want to reflect on this experience and consider the ways in which […]
Chapter ten – Open Educational Resources
Introduction There has been a growing interesting in recent years in making educational content freely available. Terms such as ‘open content’ and ‘open educational resources’ have gained currency and there is now a well-established international community of those interested in producing, using and researching OER. This chapter is not intended to provide a comprehensive review […]
Chapter nine – pedagogical planners
IntroductionThis chapter will review and discuss the range of pedagogical planners that have been developed in recent years, to guide and support practitioners in making informed learning design decision. It will begin by discussing the rationale and perceived benefit behind the development of these planners and then focus in on a number of specific planners; […]
Chapter 8 Case study on representation: Making designs explicit through visualisation
Introduction This chapter presents a case study on the development, use and evaluation of tools for representing learning designs, CompendiumLD.  A rationale for the development of the tool will be provided, along with a description of the tool, its functionality and use. A comparison will be provided of related visualisation tools. The chapter will conclude […]
Chapter seven – Design Languages
This chapter summarises the research on design languages and considers how this relates to the notion of a learning design language. It provides a useful contextual background to the discussions in later chapters on the visual representations we have developed as part of our work and a tool for visualising designs that we have developed, […]
Chapter four – Design-Based Research
Origins of the OU Learning Design Initiative The OU Learning Design Initiative emerged from previous work on the development of a learning design toolkit, DialogPlus (Fill and Conole, 2008). Like the Phoebe and the LPP tools, DialogPlus was intended to act as a step-by-step guide to enable teachers to create learning designs. The tool was […]
Adopting a Design-Based Research approach to harnessing the power of social and participatory media
 Here is a draft of a peper we are writing: Gráinne Conole, Rebecca Galley and Juliette Culver, The Open University, UK Abstract This paper describes a new social networking site, Cloudworks, which has been designed to support the sharing and discussion of learning and teaching ideas and designs. A new framework on community indicators for describing […]
Towards Open Educational Practices
In recent years there has been a lot of interest in the creation and use of Open Educational Resources (OER), with the underpinning principle that educational resources should be free for all. The term OER was coined in 2002 at a UNESCO-hosted forum as: The open provision of educational resources, enabled by information and communication […]
Professor John O’Donoghue – RIP
I was very sad to get an email yesterday from Professor John O’Donoghue’s wife Carole saying that John lost his fight with cancer yesterday 5th January 2011. John was a lovely guy well respected in the elearning community. His contributions to the field were many and varied; he was a very active and enthusiastic member […]