A response to Stephen Downes
Stephen has written some valuable comments on my ‘Defining OEP’ blog post. Couple of minor things in my defence and then some more subtaintive points to discuss! 😉  Clearly my choice of picture to show the meeting was not a good one given Stephen’s reaction! …but a conference session consisting of standing in a circle […]
Defining Open Educational Practices (OEP)
Last week I attended the kick off meeting for an exciting new EU-funded project, OPAL, from the website: The Open Educational Quality Initiative will focus on provision of innovative open educational practices and promote quality, innovation and transparency in higher and adult education. Beginning in January 2010, the two-year OPAL Initiative is a partnership between […]
New approaches to designing OER
This blog post is a draft of a paper I am working on following on from a keynote I did at the University of Limerick in May. It focuses on new ideas around the design and reuse of Open Educational Resources (OER). My initial thinking around this can be found in an earlier blog post. […]
Theories and methods
I am in the hotseat this week – as part of the virtual seminar series as a precursor to the Networked Learning Conference. The focus of the debate is on theories and methodology in networked learning. To kick start the debate I have written a positional paper, the full paper is available on slideshare but […]
A framework for technological intervention
Here is a draft of some ideas I am currently thinking of it terms of working up the framework for technological intervention I mentioned in a previous post. I would welcome thoughts. Introduction It appears as if e-learning is now embedded in most educational institutions; from the provision of an appropriate technological infrastructure to support […]