A matter of interpretation
Today is the final day of the Italian e-learning society conference in Salerno. It’s always interesting to get an insight into e-learning research and development activities in other countries – to compare similarities and notice differences. Mine was the only talk in English, so my host Maria Rosaria D’Esposito had very kindly arranged for me […]
A framework for e-learning policy
This is my third blog post associated with my recent talk at the Italian e-learning society conference in Salerno. The previous posts reviewed e-learning policy to date and argued that despite the potential of technologies, the impact on practice has not been as extensive as might have been hoped. There is a gap between the […]
Here’s my blogging story…
I have been a blogger now for a few years and although I go through phases of inactivity on the whole I think blogging has become an important and fundamental part of my practice. I was prompted to begin in part because I realised I didn’t really understand blogging as a practice and wanted to […]
Trends and implications
This is the second in a series of blog posts associated with my keynote at the Italian e-learning society conference. Having set the scene in the talk in terms of taking an historical perspective on e-learning policy and perspectives I then moved on to consider current trends and future directions. I highlighted four recent reports […]
Policy/practice: an e-learning timeline
This week I am participating in the Italian e-learning society conference in Salerno. Yesterday I gave a talk exploring the link between policy and practice. In particular I focused on two main questions: Is there a gap between e-learning policy and actual practice? How can we bridge the gap? Does e-learning policy adequate reflect current […]
Types of cloudscapes
 Types of cloudscapes and strategies for encouraging the use of Cloudworks Now that we have a number of enhanced features available on the Cloudworks site (such as email alerts, RSS feeds and activity streams) we are beginning to explore different ways in which the site might be used. Here are some examples of types of […]
Reflections: Cloudworks at ALT-C 2009
I thought I’d take the chance to reflect on some of the patterns of use of Cloudworks we have seen this week, particularly in the way it was used around the ALT-C 2009 conference. We set up a cloudscape for the conference and put stub-clouds for each of the sessions. The intention was that the […]
Cloudworks: design decisions
Juliette Culver and I have just had a paper accepted for Computers and Education on Cloudworks. A draft is available here. The paper describes the first three phases of design decisions, along with evaluation of each phase. We have just being using Cloudworks extensively as a means of live blogging the ALTC 2009 conference and plan to […]