Representations of curriculum design
I’ve just been at a very productive two-day meeting at Strathclyde University. It was related to our JISC Curriculum Design project (see our main OULDI site and associated links). The twelve projects involved in the programme have been grouped into clusters of related projects. We are part of Cluster C, along with Strathclyde and Ulster […]
TLRP TEL at the AERA conference
  I’ve just got back from the AERA conference which was held in San Diego this year. I still can’t quite cope with the size of the conference – 15,000 delegates this year I understand! Eileen Scanlon and I were part of a TLRP Technology-Enhanced Learning symposium, in which 5 of the 8 projects funded under the programme presented.We […]
E-learning review
An excellent review of e-learning produced by the Institute of Prospective Technology Studies (IPTS) is now available online. The abstract provides an overview to the report.   This report presents the outcomes of the expert workshop held at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) on 29 and 30 October 2008 to discuss the impact of the social […]
Cloudworks tips and hints
We have been making substantial changes to Cloudworks recently and there is more to come! Juliette Culver is on a roll! We have just commissioned a graphics designer so the site is to get a totally new look and feel very soon! Below are some draft guidelines on the site and tips and hints on […]
Papers on cloudworks developments
I have been working on a couple of papers on our cloudworks site. They are here and here – any comments welcome!