Talking about design
I’ve spent Thursday at Edith Cowan University with Ron Oliver (pro vice chancellor for learning and teaching) and Joe Luca (dean of the graduate research school). It’s a beautiful campus about half an hour train ride from the centre of Perth. I was struck, as I often am, by how similar Ron and my lines […]
So who are we??
Last week, Eileen Scanlon and I ran a similar kind of event at the OU to the TEL interdisciplinary research workshop I blogged about earlier, but this time the focus was more on what was the nature of our field and which directions it was going in. The workshop started with a series of short […]
Moodling about
I’m at the start of a mammoth three-week trip of Oz – Perth, Melbourne and then Sydney. I spend the day yesterday with Martin Dougiamas (head of Moodle). It was a pure luxury to spend the day brainstorming with him and great to see ‘Moodle head quarters’ and the core team. Was surprised to see […]
Fostering interdisciplinarity
   I am part of the Personal Inquiry project, which is one of eight projects funded under the ESRC/EPSRC Technology-enhanced learning programme. This is an ambitious (ca. $22 M over five years), funded by the EPSRC/ESRC, which at its core is about tackling these challenges of educational significance from an interdisciplinary perspective:  Technology enhanced learning (TEL) requires […]
Learning in a networked world
I was lucky enough to hear Roy Pea from Stanford University speak twice last week; first at the Becta research conference and then at the launch of the LSRI at Notthingham University. Here’s a summary of some of the things he was talking about. He peppered his talks with highlights from the report of the […]
Web 2.0 in schools
Charles CrookOne of the parallel sessions at Becta’s Research Conference  was an overview of the work that Charles Crook and Colin Harrison have done on looking at web 2.0 in schools. It’s an excellent, timely report and complements other research being carried out on learners’ use of technology (see for example the Elesig special interest group). As the report […]
Retro plus Becta?
 Vanessa Pittard, Director of Evidence and Evaluation, BectaHave you noticed that retro seventies is very much back in? I have stayed in two hotels recently that were freakily 70s, including weird see-through plastic chairs! Having got that rant off my chest, now to the main focus of this post… This week I was at the Becta research […]
JISC online summary
Marion Manton did us proud again on day two of the JISC online Innovating e-learning conference, as facilitator for the strand on ‘Supporting staff – transforming culture’, that Alan Masson and I were ‘co-presenting’. There was another lively day of debates and it was great to be able to share and develop ideas with others in […]
Day 1: JISC online conference
Marion Manton from Oxford University, has done an excellent summary of some of the manic discussions which went on today in the session that Alan Masson and I were running in the JISC online coference. Here is a blatant cut and past of her summary… Hello and WelcomeMalcolm Ryan introduced us to the work on defining the skills, […]
“Elluminating” design
I recent did a presentation via Elluminate to a very interesting online course (well worth at look by the way) that Stephen Downes and George Siemens are facilitating. It’s interesting how different it is presenting in an empty space as opposed to a live audience. We had technical difficulties so the slides weren’t loaded into Elluminate and […]
Learning 2.0
Does web 2.0 add something useful and different for learning? What is learning 2.0 and what are the implications of this for learners, teachers and educational institutions? These are some of the questions that were being addressed at an interesting Validation Workshop, held in Seville that I have just returned from. Graham Atwell has already […]
‘Forecasting’ the future
I am currently ‘at’ the JISC online conference. I’ve cleared as much space in my diary as I reasonably can over the next three days, so that I can properly take part in the conference.  I have taken part in this conference for the last three years and have always found it excellent with some really […]