JIME special issue now out
The JIME special issue on Open Educational Resources is now out. It is a follow up to the OpenLearn conference held in November. There are a range of interesting articles reporting on current OER research and development activities. Well worth a look. 
On the edge of a chasm
I’ve spent the day locked in a hotel room trashing out a draft chapter looking at new technologies and their impact on organisations and individuals. The rather grandeous introduction sets the scene.  The central focus of this chapter is a critique of the impact and future implications of new technologies on different aspects of educational […]
links for 2008-07-12
Metaphors We Live By, Lakoff and Johnson (tags: metaphor)
links for 2008-07-11
Adobe – Design Center : Design anthropology: What can it add to your design practice? (tags: design)
Convert to the blogosphere… me!
Wow it’s weird reading someone else’s interpretation of what you say! Just accidently come across an article in Information World Review, which is the result of an interview I did back in May on how I got into blogging. The interview was bizarre as it took place on my mobile in the car haring up the M1 […]
links for 2008-07-07
TravelinEdMan (tags: Learning_design Learning_activities)
Web 2.0 pedagogies
An video version of the talk I recently gave at the Eduserv Foundation Symposium is now available. Thankfully from my point of view it’s mainly audio plus slides rather than video! In the talk I focussed on some ideas I am working on in terms of developing new models/ways of thinking about new technologies – very much “work […]
2.0 vs. 1.0 – what’s the difference
Interesting article on the difference between web 1.0 and 2.0 via John Naughton
The connected academic
Try out this quiz via Peter Scott at the keynote in Edmedia. Here’s my result! The connected academic Your Result: Connected academic     You are the future! You’ve taken openness, connectedness and 2.0ness to heart. You are an asset to your organisation. I would be happy to be your Facebook friend. Mildly connected academic     Unconnected academic […]
Twitter survey
There has been lots of discussion here at the conference about Twitter and the Edmedia twitter stream and tweme seem to be working well. But it’s fair to say that not everyone can see the point; as with other tools I think there is an element of personal preference but it’s also that people need to see the benefit […]
LAMS keynote
Slides from my LAMS keynote are now on slideshare. Marion provides a useful reflection on the event and I agree with her that we seem to be moving towards some form of consensus, the jigsaw pieces are starting to come together – maybe…. I’m giving a summary of our OU LD work this afternoon at […]
Beauty and precision in design
I really like the work of Michael Derntl and colleagues at the University of Vienna. Michael gave an excellent paper earlier today at Edmedia on the work they are doing in terms of visual representations for design. Will try and blog more about this later but for now here is a link to his slides.
Animoto Edmedia!
Plush surroundings for the opening
Just returned from the opening event for Edmedia. Pretty grand surroundings as Martin Erbin has captured in a short video log.   
hegemony as enemy
Alan Amory opened the Edmedia conference this morning with a provocative and thought provoking keynote entitled ‘Playing games: hegemony as enemy’, although I have to admit it was a little too fast for my tiny brain to take in and compute. There was some “deep” stuff in there man 😉 Innovating education provides a much better summary of […]
Edmedia 2.0? maybe Edmedia 1.45…
I’m at the Edmedia conference in Vienna. It’s abit of a contrast to the LAMS conference last week which was small and focussed around a particular topic  – although it was one of my favourite topics it has to be said! Edmedia is of course one of the giants of the e-learning circuit – with over 1000 delegates and […]