Martin the twitter bird
OK we now have official confirmation that Martin Weller is indeed the supreme ‘twitter-bird”! Actually on a serious note I am finding twitter increasingly useful, as a background chat to keep abreast of what others are doing, as an alert to new blog posts, just for fun, and as a means of actually doing some Spanish learning […]
Animated LAMS
One step behind Martin as usual, here’s my animoto of the LAMS conference – could get right into this, much better than static pics; although AJCann’s wit know no end ;-). Patrick McAndrew pointed animoto out to us – Patrick what have you started???
Ready for mass adoption?
James Daziel entitled his keynote at the LAMS conference with one of the central questions facing learning design research: ‘Are we ready for the mass adoption of learning design?’ If we are honest despite the enthusiasm and interest in learning design as a potential solution to addressing the lack of uptake of innovation in education and a […]
Shareable memes
I suspect there is a new ‘meme’ around in terms of sharing learning activities and designs.  There has been a lot of discussion here at the LAMS conference about how we share ideas and designs. Applying web 2.0 to design is a key aspiration of the work we are doing with our cloudworks site, but we are aware that […]
Where next with planners?
 Helen Beetham gave an excellent and thought provoking keynote this morning at the LAMS conference. Here are my rough notes on the points she made: 1) Teaching is a human skill that can be enhanced by technology, 2) Teaching is a different skill to learning though in close dialogue with it, 3) Teachers intentions can be articulated and enacted with […]
What Learning Design could be…
   I’m at the LAMS 2008 conference in Cádiz, Spain – great location! Nice to catch up with people and there looks like there are some interesting sessions. Great to see the event running in parallel in English and Spanish. The conference this morning was kicked off by a keynote from Stephen Downes. His focus was reflecting on […]
elearning conferences
Another valuable list of up and coming conferences from Clayton Wright.
SocialLearn: exploring the potential
Last week I attended a great workshop as part of the SocialLearn project. The purpose was to share some of the thinking and work to date on SocialLearn with a group of ‘critical friends’ – mainly associate lecturers and OU students. Lots of others have already blogged about it (here, here, and here) so I won’t repeat […]
CALRG conference
I am in the CALRG research group and this week was the annual two-day conference – the 29th annual conference in fact! Further information and the book of abstracts is available from here. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to all of it because there was a clash with the SocialLearn workshop but the parts I went to were […]
links for 2008-06-20
Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future (tags: tools, future, predictions) Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds (tags: tagclouds, tools)
JCAL blogging article
Just got an email from my colleague Cindy to say that our JCAL article on some of the research she did last year on the use of blogs in education is now out. I only had a minor part in the work, but it was interesting to be involved with and I think Cindy uncovered some interesting […]
links for 2008-06-19
Quintura (tags: visualization, tools)
Learning activity patterns
Following on from my last post, thanks to Paulo Moreira  for the correct link to the work being down on visualisation and representing designs by the research team in Estonia, unfortunately it’s only available to mac users at the mo… so time to switch to the mac-side, go on… you know you want to… 😉
EDEN08 Networking and reflections
I’m now back from the Eden 2008 conference and wanted to just look back at the conference – reflecting on the sessions I was involved with and picking up on a couple more of the sessions I attended. Obviously a key reason to go to a conference is to have the opportunity to present on […]
Exploring online identity The name Gunawardena is one I have often quoted so it was a great pleasure to be able to hear Lani Gunwardena give a keynote yesterday at Eden 2008. The title of her talk was “Cultural aspects of communication processes online – identity, gender and languages in synchronous cybercultures”. She focused on the findings from a […]
Nice work
 I’m at the Eden 2008 conference in Lisbon. Alan Tait, our Pro Vice Chancellor, for Curriculum and Awards gave a thought provoking keynote yesterday at the Eden Conference in Lisbon, focusing on the relationship between education and work. Steve Wheeler has also blogged about this on the conference blog. Alan adopted a broad notion of the concept of […]
links for 2008-06-03
How to make the most of Twitter | Technology | The Guardian (tags: twitter, tools)
Design for OERs
The article arising from our presentation at the OpenLearn conference in November is now available as a pre-print on JIME – would welcome thoughts!