Modeling education 2.0
Did a talk at the Eduserv Foundation Symposium yesterday – there were a great line up of talks with a range of speakers both from education and outside (including the BBC and the Guardian) so was good to get a wider perspective of the impact of technologies on changing work and business practices. My talk attempted to put […]
Megatrends – NMC’s view
At the eduserv foundation sympossium today – doing a talk later on new pedagogical models for web 2.0 and beyond. Was going to blog about first presentation but don’t need to as Matt beat me to it! Larry Johnson from NMC (hasn’t come across them before – looks like an interesting organisation) did his presentation in second […]
An agenda for ubiquitous learning
I’ll try and summarise in the next few posts what for me are the highlights of the networked learning conference. Caroline Haythornthwaite opened an interesting symposium of four papers around ‘Making the Transition to Ubiquitous Learning’. Bill Cole’s paper ‘Ubiquitous Learning: An Agenda for Educational Transformation’ argued that: ‘Ubiquitous learning is a new educational paradigm made possible in part […]
Social Justice Education 2.0
The first day of the Networked Learning conference got off to an excellent start with a thought provoking keynote by Charalambos Vrasidas from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. His talk was entitled ‘social networking for Social Justice: Challenges and Possibilities’. I can’t really do justice (bad pun there) to his talk but will have a go […]
Embedding e-learning
I’m at the Networked Learning conference at the Sani Resort in Helkidi, Greece. Stunning location for a conference as you can see, this is the view from my room! 😉   BUT the papers and presentations are also excellent – honest! There are a lot of symposia – consisting of four connected papers – which makes for […]
“Enticing’ booklet
The Brunel pathfinder project’s booklet on educational considerations that I blogged about before is now available online – well worth a look!