OERs video
I’m at the CNIE conference in Banff, Canada – great location, great conference! Terry Anderson is talking about OERs and social software and has just reference Scott Leslie’s 10 min video on OERs.
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A vision for SociaLearn
Tony Walton, Martin Weller and I have had a paper accepted for the Eden conference in Lisbon. The abstract gives you a flavour: What would a new university look like if we started with a blank sheet of paper, capitalising on the very best of what we know about good pedagogy coupled with harnessing the potential of […]
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Learning design the Cypriot way
 At the beginning of April I ran a workshop at the University of Cyprus. It was a great opportunity to test out some of our recent Learning Design work on an external audience. The one and half day workshop was organised around 10 activities:  Changes in technology use in the last fifteen years, ways in […]
I love clouds!
I just love TweetClouds which I came across via David Weinberger’s blog. Here’s mine. “Learning” seems pretty prominent which is a relief given my job title! 😉 “Lol” features alot so not sure what that says about me!!
“Coherent” arguments
 At the workshop on Friday Simon Buckingham Shum demonstrated the latest version of KMI’s web-based argumentation software – Cohere – essentially a sister product to Compendium. Looking forward to having a proper play with it to see how it might be used to represent learning designs. I am particularly intrigued by the interactive dynamic net view of connections and ideas. […]
The OU Learning Design project
As a means of giving me a chance to play with my new sony handycam video here is a short video (ca. 12 mins) from part of the workshop we ran yesterday on learning design. The video provides an overview of our OU Learning Design project and provides a commentary to go alongside the slides I posted earlier. […]
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Briefing papers on learning design
There is a lot of activity currently in our learning design project and there seems to be real synergies emerging between the three aspects of the project: Understanding design – gathering empiral evidence Visualising design – CompendiumLD Sharing design – CLouDworks We ran a half-day workshop at the OU yesterday giving updates on all three […]
8 educational considerations
 One of the four projects I have been acting as a critical friend to as part of the HE Academy e-learning pathfinder programme is Brunel University. One of the outputs of their project is a really nice booklet called ‘Educational considerations for blended learning’. The introduction begins: Educational Considerations for Blended Learning is a resource booklet written to […]