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Beyond Current Horizons | Evaluating the Future of the UK’s Education System | technology, children, schools & families futurelab futures report (tags: futurelab review technology)
The youth of today…
More stats in the form of a YouTube video (via HeyJude) on what kids/teenagers are using technologies for, also links to a series of online publications (MIT Press) on different facets of research into this topic – will enjoy browsing these!
Remember the milk
I run hot and cold about ‘to do’ lists… sometimes I am totally rigorous about using them and get great satisfaction ticking items off, then I get bored, neglect the list and find when I return most of the entries refer to projects long finished, papers never written, or holidays done and dusted…. expect for […]
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analogue: A pervasive medium is always beyond perception Youtube video about Marshall McLuhan (tags: mcluhan, media) Gapminder – Home site for visualising things in interesting ways (tags: tools)
Mapping formal online learning
This week I attended a BECTA seminar. The venue was the Commonwealth club in London, what an amazing place, it appeared to be a labyrinth of rooms underground – it never ceases to amaze me how many meeting venues there are in London! The focus of the seminar was reporting on the findings to date from a […]
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Conference Connections: Rewiring the Circuit (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT educause review siemens et al article (tags: Web_2.0)
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Knowing Knowledge: Book (tags: Learning_theories) Article about blogging in academia (tags: blog, research)
Microsoft’s Grava
Microsoft had a launch of their new Silverlink product this week at Bletchley Park, which a few people from the OU went to. Will Woods has done a useful overview about it. They also talked about Microsoft’s new authoring environment Grava, another learning design tool to add into the mix! I think the fact that Microsoft are investing in this […]
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The Facebook Application Ecosystem | Research Reports | O’Reilly Radar (tags: Socialearn) Graesser paper (tags: Research_methodology)
The ELESIG community
 Compendium map of discussions I have already mentioned that I went to the launch of a new special interest group for those researching learners’ experience of using technologies. My role during the day was to try and capture some the discussions in Compendium and then, along with Derek Morrison and Carol Higgison, summarising some of the key points – not easy […]
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Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT John Seely Brown (tags: Socialearn)
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Christopher D. Sessums :: Blog :: Lights, Camera,… Understanding!: Monday Link-o-rama TED videos (tags: web2.0 Tools,)
Reflecting on learning
I’ve been working quite abit this weekend on my Spanish course. I am getting behind and need to put some effort into it. Had fun using a set of flashcards associated with the course and using these as a basis to create a vocab mindmap using the Freemind mind mapping software. How sad am I? Also was sent a great […]
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Best Practice Models for E-learning (tags: Learning_design)
A set of pedagogical principles
I’m involved, to a small extent, in a really exciting project at the OU at the moment – currently called “Social:Learn”. Martin Weller gives a nice overview of it, Tony Hirst has also blogged about it.  Martin sums it up in his post as follows:  It is born of the recognition that the OU (and higher education in general) […]
Total immersion
Really interesting approach being adopted by Michael Wesch for his Digital Ethnography course, where he and his students/fellow researchers have created a shared online collaborative space and set of tools. It sounds great and I’ll be interested to hear how effective it is and what the participants reflections on it are. I think understanding the technologies through […]
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Demos | Publications | Their Space (tags: Student_experience) Students and web2.0 ALT-C 2007 Presentation » SlideShare (tags: Student_experience) Futurelab – Projects – Beyond Current Horizons (tags: Student_experience) Steve Hargadon: Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education (tags: web2.0) oers report (tags: OERs) Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus (tags: Tools)
JISC online conference e-book
The JISC online conferences are always excellent and very lively! Two books associated with last year’s conference are now available – on institutional change and supporting lifelong learning. I was involved in the second one, talking about some of the findings from our JISC LXP project. The e-books are a nice output from the conferences, I’d certainly recommended […]
Phoebe planner tool
The second JISC pedagogical planner tool that we looked at in the JISC workshop on Tuesday was Phoebe, which has been developed by Oxford University. Phoebe adopts  a very different approach to the London Pedagogical Planner. When you log in you are presented with four options of things to do: Create or modify your learning designs, View shared learning […]
Favourite blogs
What a great idea by intute!  As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 7th –16th March, Intute: Social Sciences is featuring a series of articles by our subject editors presenting their favourite blogs 
London Pedagogical Planner
Diana Laurillard gave an overview of the London Pedagogical Planner (LPP). Key points included: A principle aim in the development of the tool, was the desire to give teachers something to support their innovation, through interactive, adaptive, reflective, discursive and collaborative learning designs. A key issue identified by the team was the fact that teachers lack […]
JISC design for learning programme
 Experts group reviewing the JISC planner tools at the Orange Studio in BirminghamAs I mentioned before I went to the JISC meeting this week, which was reviewing the two pedagogical planner tools that they have funded. Helen Beetham gave a useful overview of the programme, highlighting that the original aim was to fund the development of a […]
What’s in a name?
One of the characteristics of our area is that it’s constantly changing and this is reflected in the way in which the terminology we use changes too. Educational Technology, Learning Technology, Distance Learning, have all come and gone. “E-learning” has been around for a while and indeed when I was asked what title I wanted […]
ELESIG launched!
  The ELESIG Ning site  Just come back from an excellent day in Birmingham – I get to such exotic locations! in my job as you can see 😉 –  for the launch of a new special interest group for those interested in researching the leaner voice.  There are moments in our area when things […]
JISC LD tools: review
Have just returned from an excellent day reviewing progress on the two major tools on learning design that JISC are funding. Details on the meeting and on the tools can be found here. It was good to get an up to date hands on session with the tools and a joint discussion with the projects and […]
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oxphoebe’s bookmarks on (tags: Learning_design)
CompendiumLD – testing it out
We have run a couple of workshops recently as part of our Learning Design project. The slide below gives a summary of the range of activities we are doing in this work and gives a flavour of the approach we are adopting – which is very much iteration between user evaluation and development.  Summary of […]