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The ABC of academic discourse
Andy Powell picks up on the debate about blogging and academic discourse. Very relevant at the moment with respect to the research course we are running (H809) where the students are using blogs to reflect on readings and discuss things! I like his reordering of my suggestion for the role of blogging into a simple ABC:  A-academic paper, […]
Eduserv foundation Symposium 2008
Andy Powell has announced the next Eduserv Foundation Symposium which is to be held at the British Library on 8th May. The overall title Inside Out: What do current Web trends tell us about the future of ICT provision for learners and researchers?  suggests that it promises to be an interesting day. With the increasing impact of […]
New special interest group
Following on from my last couple of blogs, summarising some of the discussions at the JISC learner experience meeting I’ve just been at, Derek’s post has prompted me to also promote the fact that there is a special interest group building on both the JISC learner experience stuff and the HE Academy projects with an interest in […]
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Learner experience panel grilling…
Today’s meeting of the Learner Experience project  consisted of a “Panel discussion”. We had one half of each team on a panel – in classic Question Time mode – and half of us planted in the audience – with very tricky questions from different stakeholder perspectives. A really interesting approach which generated some great discussion and provided […]
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Knowledge Maps: ICTs in Education | (tags: ict, learning) LTDI Evaluation Cookbook (tags: evaluation)
Who’s your audience?
  Mary Thorpe and Rob EdmundsI’m currently at the fourth all programme level JISC Learner Experience meeting in Edinburgh, which is focusing on dissemination of the project findings. Nice approach to the start of the meeting. Each team presents for five minutes on one particular aspect of their project – finding and audience. For our PB-LXP, Mary Thorpe and […]
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edutagger – K-12 Social Bookmarking / Popular (tags: Learning_design) – free web application for brainstorming online
Edmedia blog
I’ve had some interesting replies to my question ‘What’s the point of conferences?’. ‘Beer’ was Martin’s suggestion – thanks for that Martin 😉 Sarah came up with a nice summary which I think will resonate with alot of people!    For me, it is about networking – finding people who can help me or I can help – […]
Evil blackboard indeed
I was shocked to hear about the outcome of the Blackboard vs. Desire2Learn case via Terry Anderson’s blog. To be honest I can’t believe Blackboard won. I remember at the time that the section on e-learning in wikipedia expanded rapidly as the community rushed to document the ‘true’ origins and history of the area. It was a great […]
What’s in a name…
I am sometimes bought to task about using the phrase ‘Learning Design’ to describe some of the research we are doing. Some argue ‘Designing for learning’ is more appropriate, others say its really about ‘teacher design’, others still argue there is no distinction with the well established area of ‘Instructional Design’. So I was interested […]
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Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT John Seely Brown (tags: e) Welcome to the Course! « Blogs, Wikis, and New Media David Wiley’s blog course (tags: web2.0 blog courses) H809 tags – Free Online File Storage, Internet File Sharing, Online Storage, Access Documents & […]
Harnessing web 2.0 for learners
Great summary of ideas from George Siemens on using social networking to improve the learner experience. The first is   Create a class blog…have students blog    We have got students blogging as part of our new H809 course and it’s great to see their posts and comments on each others’ blogs. I have set up a folder of RSS feed […]
Learning in the near future
What will learning look like in a few years time? How will new technologies transform learning? These are questions which have probably always been around to some extent in education, but have become more prevalent in recent years since the Internet began to have a significant impact and with the recent changes due to the […]
What’s the point of conferences?
Now there is a question for you to mull over!! We have set up a conference blog for Edmedia 2008 (there is still time to submit something! its in Vienna, got great keynotes, good line up of topics and papers…. not that i am trying to do a selling job or anything!!!) and I’ve posed this question  so […]
View from the programme level
I spent two days last week at an all programme meeting for the HE Academy pathfinders programme in York- can’t resist including a view of York Minster which I took from my window!  All 28 pathfinder projects we present, along with the critical friends (as I’ve mentioned before I am the critical friend for cluster […]
Revisiting CMC research 20 years on
In the first week of our course, H809, we asked students to read quite an old paper from 1989 by Hiltz and Meinke ‘Teaching Sociology in a Virtual Classroom’ (Hiltz, S.R. and Meinke, R. (1989) ‘Teaching sociology in a virtual classroom’, Teaching Sociology, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 431–46.). We then asked them to reflect on […]
Good advice
Sarah Stewart is undertaking an interesting month of daily challenges for her blog – lots of interesting posts about this, but I particularly like her advice picked up from Michele Martin on reasons for blogging: blog to add value to yourself think about the process, not the finished product do not fixate on getting huge audience, but rather concentrate […]
Creative cluster thinking
I’ve just come back from a really good day with the four HE Academy pathfinder projects I am involved with. See previous post for some of the background to this work and previous activities. The day was hosted by one of the projects, Reading University, in their ‘Innovations lab’. What an interesting space! Now that is a […]
Mapping methods to approaches
   In his keynote at the ELC-NET conference in Zurich, Eric de Graaf from Delft considered the changing nature of Virtual Learning Environments. He included an interesting graph which mapped “Student controlled vs. Teacher controlled” on the vertical axes and “Content orientated vs. problem orientated” on the horizontal axes. He then mapped different kinds of activities […]
Space principles – starters for ten…
OK I need to join in with Patrick’s recent blog post about potential principles for ‘office space’. As Patrick notes our department – IET – is moving into new accommodation later this year, which is essentially open plan in design. Not surprisingly there are very mixed views on this. But Patrick and I have been trying to […]
Putting “enérgia” into it!
Over the years there have been numerous arguments about the exact definition of ‘learning objects’ – ranging from the simple notion of digital assets through to the idea of learning objects being self-contained, self-standing ‘learning entities’. In recent years discourse has shifted more towards the notion of ‘learning activities’ as the focus of attention and […]
To Dublin and back
The week before last I gave two talks – one in Dublin for the Dublin Institute of Technology at their 8th annual showcase of learning and teaching innovations and one at Kingston University. Here’s a link to the DIT showcase, but be warned it appears to be down at the moment. One thing that struck me was […]