Fostering the research community
 Constellation of practice in e-learning research (Image from flickr) George Siemen’s post about the role of blogs in teaching has prompted me to write something about the way we are planning to use blogs on a new course we are starting in February as part of our masters programme. The course is affectionately known as H809 (codes… it’s an OU thing….) […]
On the cusp of change – university 2.0?
David Annand has written an intersting article ‘Re-organising Universities for the information age’, which I came across via Terry Anderson’s blog. In it he argues that universities are fundamentally “pre-industrial” in their organisation. He goes on to say: Much like the Industrial Revolution before it, rapid technological change in the Information Age has to date created significant, fundamental […]
Hurrah for unconferences!
I really like the idea of an “unconference” – see Tony Hirst’s description of his recent experience at one. I feel increasingly dissatisfied with most conferences I go to. The presentations invariably don’t live up to the promises made in the abstracts and ‘death by powerpoint’ is just plan irritating. Usually the most useful part is chatting to people outside of […]
HE Academy Research Observatory
As part of their establishment of an e-learning research observatory, the HE Academy have commissioned a landscaping study. The observatory will act as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for identifying, collating, assessing and disseminating national and international e-learning research. Given the incredible diversity of research going on, this is very much needed and is to be welcomed. Further […]
Engestrom’s perspective
As an interesting follow on Wenger’s talk, Englestrom takes a different perspective, but offers interesting insights into aspects of the same phenomena Wenger was talking about. He applies a biological metaphor through considering the notion of mycorrhizae as one means of understanding complex modern working practices – nodal, interconnected, mainly unseen, distributed… More notes taken […]
Wenger on professional practice
I am at a one-day conference organised by our PBPL CETL which includes contributions from Etienne Wenger and Yrjo Engestrom. Hurried notes just taken in the Eitienne Wenger session – will write up summary reflections later… Quality of the community we are part of impacts on the quality of the output Scientific revolution move from alchemy – […]
Adopting an evidence base
Had a really excellent meeting on Wednesday at CARET in Cambridge with ‘Cluster C’ pathfinder projects (links to each of their blogsBrunel, Cambridge, Reading and South Bank). All four projects are adopting very different approaches in their pathfinder work in terms of embedding e-learning; not surprising given the diversity of the institutions within which they are located. The purpose of the workshop was […]
COMPASS Pathfinder
  Members of COMPASS and associated projectsI’ve been out and about alot this week and hence the relative silence on the blog front. I spent monday at South Bank University in my role as critical friend to four of the HE Academy pathfinderprojects. South Bank’s approach is to assess where staff currently are in terms of their […]
links for 2007-12-02
90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources (tags: photo) 10 Places to Find Free Images Online and Make Your Content More Linkable (tags: photos) Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources : eLearning Technology (tags: photos) Reid Kerr College Library – Home (tags: E_learning) CETL – Utilising Institutional E-Learning Services To Enhance The Learning Experience (tags: […]
8LEM and design flashcards
Following on from my post about the forthcoming online version of the 8LEM learning design tool, I have just come across (via big dog, little dog) some of the work that the CETL for Institutional e-learning service has put together on learning design again using 8LEM, nice, simple and effective by the look of it. I particularly like the […]
Camtasia and SnagIt free!
I’ve been meaning to get a copy of Camtasia for ages and so was really pleased to see, via Tony Karrer’s blog, that version 3.1 is now available to download for free alongwith SnagIT. 🙂 Was also interested to see the interactive conversational approach to getting across concepts being adopted by Jellyvision and the simple but effective video […]
The DIRECT approach
As I’ve mentioned before I am a “critical friend” to four of the HE Academy pathfinder projects. I had a really interesting day with the Reading team this week. It was great to see how much their project had progressed. The DIRECT project’s approach is to focus the pathfinder work on institutional embedding and their strategy […]
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Yahoo! Teachers (tags: Learning_activities)
Simple but effective
I first came across the 8LEM model at an UNFOLD meeting in Braga and could immediately see it’s usefulness in terms of helping designers create new learning activities. The model focuses on eight key characteristics of learning – from both the learner and the designer perspectives. The diagram below gives an overview of these and further information […]