Two sides of a coin: mark two…
I recently gave a talk at the ‘Education in a changing environment conference’ which expands a little more on my earlier post about my interest in the learner voice and learning design and how in my view these are very much two sides of the same coin, i.e. that we need to understand and take […]
The problem with learning design…
My colleague Stewart Nixon who works as part of the VLE programme is currently collating a review of developments in Learning Design. This includes the obvious links to things like IMS LD, LAMS and projects that are creating online ‘toolkits’ or planners. This made me think that it was also important to try and articulate […]
E-learning pathfinder projects
The HEA have established an e-learning pathfinder programme as a follow on to the e-learning benchmarking exercise and I am acting as a so called ‘critical friend’ (please don’t make me have to explain what the heck that is!!! I’m still trying to work it out myself!!!) to four of the projects – Brunel, Cambridge, […]
Two sides of a coin
Two of the things i am interested in at the moment are a) evaluation of the learner voice and in particular the ways in which students are using technologies to support their learning and b) learning design – how can we represent good practice and scaffold the design process so that course designers can create […]
Taking the plunge
So far i have hovered at the edges of the blogosphere world; lurking around various sites, watching and reflecting on the ways in which blogs are increasingly entering into academic discourse as a means of communication, a mechanism for sharing and in some cases a form of expert filter. I have had mixed views about […]